Mar 1, 2014

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The Unjust Heart

I have been a client of Xiomara for a few years. I had been with my boyfriend for 7yrs. During this time I went thru countless troubles and emotional distress. I had supported him thru drug addictions, unemployment, and many empty promises of a better life together. Needless to say he never changed. Even through Xiomara had told me several times that he was not the man for me and he was never going to change, I loved him and I wanted to believe differently. Here it is 7yrs later with an engagement ring that I don`t even want, but I kept when I left him. I decided to come to see the spirits on Friday. I saw St. Barbara. She removed the pain of my broken heart and moved my out of my apartment in less than two days. The following weekend I went to a picnic and met a nice, professional, single and well established man. We are not dating yet, but we talk every night and the chemistry is definitely there! THANK YOU ST. BARBARA, AND THANK YOU XIOMARA!!! WEEEEEE!

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