Mar 1, 2014

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The Itchy Dog

I know the title is quite funny but it truly describes my situation with my dog. For some time now, I noticed that my dog had been scratching herself more than usual. I took her to the vet at least 4-5 times and I used all the creams, shampoos, and sprays recommended. She was given a blood test to see if she was having an allegeric reaction to something. All the results come back negative. After all of the money spent and time back and forth to the vet, my poor baby was still scratching. I took her with me to see the spirits and Ana Isa Pye did for her what the vets could not do, she got her to stop scratching. All she did was massage her relentlessly for 10-15 minutes. I could not believe it. My poor baby had such a look of relief. Ever since then she has been sleeping much better and she is definitely not itchy anymore.

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