Read some of these testimonials and witness the results for yourself.

Through her years, Xio has saved over 1000’s of lives using Psychic healing. There have been many miracles done by the spirits and it would be hard to prove them, let alone explain how they are done, without the help of the subjects involved. Most of the people do not want to reveal their names, and the people that do have become friends of the Xiomara (Xio, pronounced like “see-oh”, or C-O). As a result critics would say that they are not objective. But when reading some of these stories consider these facts;

  1. No one knows if your soul is in you head, or through out your whole body, or even if you have a soul at all. (No one can prove it anyway.)
  2. All religions promote prayer, a type of mind control, or meditation, that is suppose to change the world around you. Science has even shown that it works.
  3. All religions promote the existence of spirits and their works in our world.
  4. Your soul or spirit controls your body, so it can also have an effect on the rest to the material world. If your spirit can effect the world so can other spirits, especially very powerful spirits that are closer to God then we are.

St. Jude Helping Michelle

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One Friday afternoon I came to xiomara`s house looking for help. I was depress and lonely. Thanks to St. Jude I got the greatest job with the best benefits I ever had. He took all the depression away from me and also help me to get a new car with no money down. I fell gratefull and thankful to St Jude for changing my life completly in less than three days. I love you St Jude for ever. Thanks to Xio fo been a good medium for St Jude. Michelle.

St. Barbara Xio- healed Aneurism on my heart

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St. Barbara performed a miracle for me by healing my aneurism on my heart immediately. I had a blow out driving on the Bronx River Parkway and my car went out of control hitting my chest on the steering wheel causing anaeurism on my heart. I was hospitalized and the doctors wanted to do an operation ASAP. Xiomara and St. Barbara called for me while I was in the hospital and before I knew it I was perfect again. No operation was done and I was spiritually healed by St. Barbara and Xiomara. When I went back to my heart doctor he was in awe. He was left with his mouth open and really had nothing to say. He could not understand how my aneurism left. Another miracle by Santa Barbara and Xiomara. I just love you both so much XXXXXOOOOO. Thank you, thank you.

Spiritual Healing

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My grandmother came to see Xio from Puerto Rico to be healed from a severe agude arthritis on her knees and hands. She also had a tumor in her liver and stones in her gallbladder. My personal belief, is that Xio`s spirits can heal illness and relieve pains that doctors can not accomplish. Thanks to the spirits my grandmother is now able to use her hands, the swelling of her belly reduced, and the tumor dissappeared. My grandmother returned to Puerto Rico with good health and a positive attitude towards life.

Psychic Healing Miracle

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In 1999 Xio was relaxing at home on a Saturday evening. The door bell rang and a friend/client of Xio`s was there with another lady, a friend of hers. The other lady was desperate and emotional. Even though she had her doubts, she went to Xio begging for help with regards to her sick father. The woman had been told that her father, who was sick at a hospital in El Salvador, had an un-diagnosed illness that made him so weak that he would not survive past the night. The lady had been to three other psychics that Saturday, and each told her the same thing, that her father would be dead by Sunday, and that they could not help. By good fortune (there is no such thing as coincidence) she found out about Xiomara’s reputation as a channel healer. Xiomara only does this on Monday s and Fridays, but this was an emergency so she agreed to call the spirits. Normally one half hour is sufficient but in this case she worked for two hours and may saints came forward to help, including St. Laserus, La Caridad, St. Elias, Llemaja, and Dr. Gregorio Hernandez. The next day the father, to the shock of the doctors, got better. On Tuesday he took himself out of the hospital due to boredom, and a week later he was back at work. The entire family could not believe how fast it all happened. During the channeling session, the spirits told the daughter that a evil magic had been done against the entire family, and had they not taken it away all would have died one at a time from the same illness. Today they are all thriving. What is unusual about this event is that from a location is New Jersey, the spirits immediately healed a man in El Salvador that everyone expect to die that night.

Pet Healing

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About two months ago, I took my dog to the vet. She had not been acting herself and had extreme difficulties going to the bathroom. I took my baby to the vet and they discovered that she had cancer in her liver. Needless to say I was devasted. I went to see Xiomara on a Friday session and I took my baby to see if she could help her. Ana Isa Pier, one of the spirits that Xiomara channels, began to massage her in the troubled areas. Within minutes her bowel began to move and she started going to the bathroom. After the session she was able to move on her own and she was back to her normal self. When I took her to the vet again, they were shocked. They could not understand how the cancer just disappeared from her little body. I am greatful that she saved my baby and my wallet.

Papa Candelo Breast Lump Removal

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I came to see XIOMARA and the Spirits because I was under a lot of pain in my left breast. I saw Papa Candelo (St. Charles Borromeo. He removed a big lump from my left breast by just applying some pressure to the lump with two of his fingers until the lump dissappeared. Today Iam grateful that I have the opportunity to be cured and blessed by Papa Candelo and Xiomara.

My HIV Healing

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I knew about Xiomara thru a local newspaper El Especialito which made to make an appointment and see the spirits that following friday. I saw St Michael a beautiful spirit that took the horrrible pain from my head and neck right away. I could not stand straight because i was dizzy all the times. He blew cigar smoke all over my body and right away started to fell better.

Today I fell much better and thankful to St Michael and Xiomara.

Miracle Recovery

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Miracle of the Power of Hand

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My children`s father, had lung cancer with Liver matastesis. He is now VERY WELL.
Thanks Divine Jesus, Thanks Divine God, Thanks Divine Trinity.

Miracle of the Holy Spirit

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My boyfriend was diagnosis with a tumor in his head that had developed into cancer. I was devastated and I decided to have a sessions with the spirits. The first session was with the Lady of Charity, she told me that he did not have too much time to live; but the lady of charity worked with him for thirty minutes and he got alot better. He went back to see the doctors and the doctors were in awe because the tumor had become smaller. The doctors decided to have a surgery to remove the tumor. A week later he came back to the spirits because he was feeling weak, sick, and could not eat. He had faith in the spirit and worked with the spirit for another thirty minutes and the power of the Holy spirit cured him. Today he alive and doing well thanks to the Holy Spirit.