Read some of these testimonials and witness the results for yourself.

Through her years, Xio has saved over 1000’s of lives using Psychic healing. There have been many miracles done by the spirits and it would be hard to prove them, let alone explain how they are done, without the help of the subjects involved. Most of the people do not want to reveal their names, and the people that do have become friends of the Xiomara (Xio, pronounced like “see-oh”, or C-O). As a result critics would say that they are not objective. But when reading some of these stories consider these facts;

  1. No one knows if your soul is in you head, or through out your whole body, or even if you have a soul at all. (No one can prove it anyway.)
  2. All religions promote prayer, a type of mind control, or meditation, that is suppose to change the world around you. Science has even shown that it works.
  3. All religions promote the existence of spirits and their works in our world.
  4. Your soul or spirit controls your body, so it can also have an effect on the rest to the material world. If your spirit can effect the world so can other spirits, especially very powerful spirits that are closer to God then we are.

Xio changed my life!

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I met Xio about ten years ago and almost instantly felt a connection with her. She always would tell me that she wanted the very best for me. At that time I was very, very young and very, very in love. The problem was that the young man I was in love with was completely wrong for me. In fact he was in jail at the time. I asked Xio if she could help him to be released from jail so that we could be together. Since Xio always maintained my best interests at hand, with the pwer of the spirits, she made it so that I would forget about that yound man so that I could focus on achieving my goals. Today, I am an Attorney, and it is my belief that I would have never been able to make my dreams into reality if Xio hadn`t stepped in and helped me. Needless to say, I still count on Xio whenever I have difficulties in life. Thank you Xio!!

Virgen Guadalupe Cancer Healing

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I had a big lump in my front head and cancer in the Uterus. My Virgencita Guadalupe thru Xiomara as a medium healed my whole body. Today I am very healthy and well… Gracias Virgen Guadalupana.

Twins Saved

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Yuri, my cousin, who was pregnant with twims, came to see Xio to save one of her babies. Accroding, to the doctors one of the twins brain was not developing like it such. My cousin was devastated, that when we descided to see Xio for one of her sessions. Yuri, had faith in the spirits and had the privilege to work with the Lady of Charity. Thanks to Lady of Charity, and our faith, my cousin delivered two healthy babies. The doctors were shocked to see two normal babies.

Three Cats and a Virus

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I came to Xiomara with my three cats. They were very ill with a virus and the vet could not help them. I know her strength is in healing people, so I figured I would try her with my cats. Saint Barbara was so kind in tending to my cats. She massaged each cat and gave them blessed water to drink. In less than 20 minutes they were back to their old selves. Thank you Saint Barbara for curing my cats and thank you Xiomara for channeling her.

The Weeping Genitals

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My son Jose, had a very sad case of the “weeping” wee-wee. His doctor diagnosed him with a very low hormones. He is 10 years old and he had an under developed genitals. I brought him to see Saint Michael in hopes that he could cure my son. He had to perform 3 different sessions in order to make it grow. In less than two weeks, his genitals grew 5 times its normal size. Needless to say my son is very pleased that he can see his genitals when he uses the bathroom. He feels like a new person. Thank You Saint Michael.

The Unjust Heart

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I have been a client of Xiomara for a few years. I had been with my boyfriend for 7yrs. During this time I went thru countless troubles and emotional distress. I had supported him thru drug addictions, unemployment, and many empty promises of a better life together. Needless to say he never changed. Even through Xiomara had told me several times that he was not the man for me and he was never going to change, I loved him and I wanted to believe differently. Here it is 7yrs later with an engagement ring that I don`t even want, but I kept when I left him. I decided to come to see the spirits on Friday. I saw St. Barbara. She removed the pain of my broken heart and moved my out of my apartment in less than two days. The following weekend I went to a picnic and met a nice, professional, single and well established man. We are not dating yet, but we talk every night and the chemistry is definitely there! THANK YOU ST. BARBARA, AND THANK YOU XIOMARA!!! WEEEEEE!

The Prostate Cancer Healing

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I had the distinct pleasure in dealing with the Lady of Charity. I say distinct because if it wasn`t for her I would be dead. You see I was diagnosed with prostate cancer. I was scheduled to start my kemo therapy rather quickly. In desperation, I found out about Xiomara thru a local newspaper. I decided to take a chance, besides, what did I have to loose. This is where I was introduced to the Lady of Charity. She told me what I had before I had a chance to tell her. She immediately started lighting a cigar and blew the cigar smoke into my right hand. She told me to spread the smoke all over my genitial area. I did this a few times. When I went back for a final test before the kemo therapy, doctors where amazed. I no longer had the cancer cells in my genitials. This was one ad I thank God I answered.

The Itchy Dog

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I know the title is quite funny but it truly describes my situation with my dog. For some time now, I noticed that my dog had been scratching herself more than usual. I took her to the vet at least 4-5 times and I used all the creams, shampoos, and sprays recommended. She was given a blood test to see if she was having an allegeric reaction to something. All the results come back negative. After all of the money spent and time back and forth to the vet, my poor baby was still scratching. I took her with me to see the spirits and Ana Isa Pye did for her what the vets could not do, she got her to stop scratching. All she did was massage her relentlessly for 10-15 minutes. I could not believe it. My poor baby had such a look of relief. Ever since then she has been sleeping much better and she is definitely not itchy anymore.

The Elderly Don’t Have to Suffer

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My father is 85 years old. My poor dad had been having problems with his back, waist, and legs. No doctor could help him in Mexico, so I decided to bring him to the USA so that he could see Xiomara. I brought my father to one of the sessions and of course I had to excort downstairs. The saint that was present was The Lady of Charity. She worked on my father for about 25 minutes. By the time my father came out she had him bending and doing different exercises. Exercises that he couldn`t do in months. He was so happy. The depression he had went away. He returned back to Mexico a new man. “Who says that the elderly has to suffer”.

The Crippled Lady

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On one of the Monday sessions, an elderly lady came to see Xiomara in hopes that her osteoporsis would be cured from her body. This disease caused her arm to dislocate and crippled her right leg. The woman was assisted downstairs were she was introduced to St. Michael, which is a very powerful spirit that Xiomara also channels. He immediately started to anoint her leg with oil. He continued the anointment with the rest of her body until she was completed healed. She was excited and overwhelmed with joy. She was able to climb the stairs for the first time in years by herself. She is forever grateful and independent.