Mar 1, 2014

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Psychic Healing Miracle

In 1999 Xio was relaxing at home on a Saturday evening. The door bell rang and a friend/client of Xio`s was there with another lady, a friend of hers. The other lady was desperate and emotional. Even though she had her doubts, she went to Xio begging for help with regards to her sick father. The woman had been told that her father, who was sick at a hospital in El Salvador, had an un-diagnosed illness that made him so weak that he would not survive past the night. The lady had been to three other psychics that Saturday, and each told her the same thing, that her father would be dead by Sunday, and that they could not help. By good fortune (there is no such thing as coincidence) she found out about Xiomara’s reputation as a channel healer. Xiomara only does this on Monday s and Fridays, but this was an emergency so she agreed to call the spirits. Normally one half hour is sufficient but in this case she worked for two hours and may saints came forward to help, including St. Laserus, La Caridad, St. Elias, Llemaja, and Dr. Gregorio Hernandez. The next day the father, to the shock of the doctors, got better. On Tuesday he took himself out of the hospital due to boredom, and a week later he was back at work. The entire family could not believe how fast it all happened. During the channeling session, the spirits told the daughter that a evil magic had been done against the entire family, and had they not taken it away all would have died one at a time from the same illness. Today they are all thriving. What is unusual about this event is that from a location is New Jersey, the spirits immediately healed a man in El Salvador that everyone expect to die that night.

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