Mar 1, 2014

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Lesbian gone straight

I came to one of Xio`s sessions because I was diagnosed with herpes. I was devasted because I found out by my doctor that there is no real cure for herpes. I had contracted this vaginal disease through my partner. I saw Yemaya/Olocum, which is the goddess of the sea and of the deep. She poured cold ocean water from my head to my toes. She began massaging the inside of my mouth with two fingers and told me to rinse my mouth with the sea water. She proceeded to bless my entire body. At no time during my session did I ever ask to go straight. Once my session was over, I felt completely different. I had no desire to be with my partner or any other woman for that matter. Some people might get upset about having their sexual preferences “toyed with” but as far as I`m concerned, she can change me anytime she wants. Why do you ask? Because the herpes I had is gone. THANK YOU YEMAYA/OLOCUM for setting me straight and free of herpes.

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