Mar 1, 2014

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Breast Reduction Problem

It was about one month ago since I came back from my country, where I had gone to get some plastic surgery done. I had some liposuction and a breast reduction done. I came back and I noticed that my breasts were very infected and I was going thru a tremendous amount of pain. I was leaking a substancial amount of fluid from both breasts. I was afraid to see any doctors here in the USA because I knew I had to stay at least one month in my country for check ups. But I couldn`t stay because I had left my children with their father. I was recommended to come and see the spirits to see if they could help me with my problem. When I went I was attended by Yemaya & the Lady of Charity. With almost no effort, they cured my breasts. The pain was gone and the infection in my breasts had completely disappeared. It was truly a miracle. If it hadn`t happened to me to witness it with my own eyes, I might have not believed it to be possible, but it is!

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