Xiomara A. Pinedo is a┬ávery spiritual person. Eminent in the fields of Psychology, Parapsychology, and metaphysics. She has a degree from Montclair University of New Jersey, Edison state University, and Stevens Institute of Technology. She has been “possessed” since birth by various good spirits.

In her words; “They use my body as a medium for “Spiritual MYSTERIES.”

These MYSTERIES included the following:
La CARIDAD del COBRE, the ruler, and the first to rise, OLOEW, which represents our lord Jesus Christ at the moment of cru cification. El NINO DIVINO, representing Christ as a child, Yemaya, Anaisa Pier, Santa Clara, San Miquel, The Goddess of the sea, San Elias of mount Carmel, Dr. Gregorio Hernandez, San Lazaro. Indian spirits such as Caonabo, Enriquillo, India Isabel. African spirits such as Chango and Tomasina, El Varon del Cementerio, Santa Marta La Dominadora, and the gypsy Maria Luisa.

Every spirit has a different tone of voice and they have different personalities. Some use rum and tobacco, others white wine, beer, cigarettes, and perfume like Anaisa Pier. Others ask for water like San Lazaro, and Dr. Jose Gregorio Hernandez. When he arises he asks for his black jacket, tie and briefcase. He heals using white candles by melting them in one hand and putting the wax with the other hand on the effected part of the patient.

All of these spirits use my body to do miracles for humans.

Once I am possessed by a spirit the tone of voice and facial expressions depends on the personality of the spirit.